after fencing at Nibelungen War (with great scenarios, written by Barobrand Hissgant) I counted the bruises I could see:

– 1 at the right upper thigh
– 1 at the right upper breast
– 5 at the right upper arm

… I think I should work on defending the right side better ….

any suggestions ?

3 Gedanken zu „bruises“

  1. work on your guard. make sure that it covers the right hand side completely so that you only have to defend the left. Use a mirror to work on that, and have your sparring partners lunge at youir rigth hand side. If they are on the outside, they should not be able to hit you, even if you don’t move your blade. had a similar problem when I began. I once had a bruise on my right arm from 6 hits by 4 different fencers. After that I came to the same conclusion you just made 😉 Boots have arrived BTW.


      1. And never fence with ! 🙂 He gave me the biggest bruise I’ve ever had, which took weeks to disappear and migrated down my arm assisted only by gravity.
        I have a similar problem and always end up with arm bruises. It’s an improvement, as I used to end up with breast bruises, but I too still need to work on my defence.
        Hmm… are you holding your rapier too low to parry higher shots?


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