Silvenhain and per chevron inverted

Today I got the answer from the LOAR about my name submission. It failed (now for the second time, after again two days of research). It has most likely something to do with the fact, that the name doesn’t exists anywhere and that the combination „measure of wood“ and „wood“ (Silve + hain) can’t be prooved. And/or that the leading from „Silbe“ to „Silve“ can’t be seen. I think, I wrote about this in my submission, but am not sure.
As I’m known in the SCA with this name I wouldn’t like to change it and at the moment I’m arguing a bit, that I did ever try to register something (for what? there are lots of people outside without any documentation of their stuff!)
My device got through, but since it is nearly two years ago as I first tried to register it, I don’t like it anymore now.
Think, that I won’t try to register anything again, but just use it nethertheless.
At least at the moment I think so – am to tired about the bureaucracy-thing.

8 Gedanken zu „Silvenhain and per chevron inverted“

  1. *g* yes, it’s me 😉 Should put my name in my profile … But this LJ was in earlier times for some more private stuff. That’s why I chose another name. Now I don’t need this any longer and can concentrate more on SCA-stuff.


  2. AHA! It’s ~you~! I’ve been trying to figure out who devon hh is for weeks and having no luck.
    I’ve answered this on the German List and the offer stands. I fully understand your frustration. Boy, o daisy to I! But you have a year to resubmit without having to pay again and so if you think you might want to try to school the college, you should make use of that time . . . but your friends here are not wrong and besides we will all always know you as Silvenhain . . .


  3. Yes I will. I only submitted them because I’m the Klakavirki herald amd I thought that I really ought to show willing. Even if the name I finally submitted – Freydis Orkneyska (Freydis from Orkney) is accepted I’ll still be known as Freydis Thorfinnsdottir.
    In fact, that’s a perfectly acceptable period practice. I would be Freydis Thorfinnsdottir by birth, but called Freydis from Orkney when I travelled to somewere else, particularly if there were other Freydises here.


  4. Look at it this way: if you can’t register Silvenhain, nobody else can so it’s yours for you to use freely. It’s quite simple really (except of course now that you’ve spent the money, it’s better to have at least something registered … so I agree not to bother having anything registered ever again, it’s pointless)


  5. You’re not alone in your despair of the bureaucray of the College of Arms. I’m still waiting to hear about mine (although it’s only been nine months) and I had to change the name submission because it was decided that Freydís Thórfinnsdóttir would clash with Freydís Thorunnsdattir. So I’m doing exactly the same as you and using it anyway.


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