Anna Tannekyn – first try of a documentation

Anna Tannekyn is a german/dutch name, the persona lives around 1520 on the border of the two lands. The name consists of a first name „Anna“ and a byname „Tanneken“, which is „het Anneken“, a pet form of Ann.

In the source of „Returns of aliens dwelling in the city and suburbs of London from the reign of Henry VIII. to that of James I. Edited by R. E. G. Kirk and Ernest F. Kirk. Kirk, R. E. G. (Richard Edward Gent), ed. Aberdeen [The University Press] 1900-1908.“ from 1571 – see, you can find both names several times:

Olyver Fysher – Cleveland; Marten his wife (Holland); Anna (…), children
Jaques Taffyn – Tourney in Flaunders; Anna his wife (Tourney)
Peter More – Antwerpe; Anna his wief; Anna (…), kids
Anna Smalfree – Douche; Lucrecia, Anna, her kids

Tannikynge Rogers – Andwarp
Tannekyn – Douch
John Backley – Douche; Tannekyn his wyfe
Haunce Doryne – Andwarpe; Tannykyn his wyfe
Guillam Curtayne – Flaunders; Tannekyn, Joane his maydes
Allard de Corde – Emden; Tannekyn his wyfe
Tanneken – Douch
Andrewe Vanderposte – Otnar in Flaunders; Tannakyn his daughter
John benson – bridges; Tanne (…), kid
Tannaken vanden Valt – Duche woman

Sources for using matronyms as bynames can be found for the same time and place here:

Dutch Patronymic surnames: surnames based on the father’s name (see:
Geertruyt – Truyde 1422 This appears to be a rare example of a matronym.
Geertryt = mothers name, Tryde = matronymic last name for the daughter of Geertryt

and for germany here:

First names: German Names from Nürnberg, 1497
Feminine given (first) names, by frequency
Anna 84 times, Barb 3 times, Els 73 times, Elß 13 times, Engell 2 times, Kun 31 times

Last names: German Names from Kulmbach, 1495
Barb 1 time German Names from Nürnberg, 1497: A – M
Elß 1 time, Engel 1 time, Engell 1 time, Kun 10 times



6 Gedanken zu „Anna Tannekyn – first try of a documentation“

    Are you using Tannekyn as a matronym? If so is it matronymic in this form? This was a question I could not find an answer by glancing at your documentation.
    If you’re using Tannekyn as a second given name or descriptive byname, I’d recommed you to document it as such.


    1. Re: Comments
      Her intention was as an unmarked matronymic based on this documentation. I believe the narrative can be tightened up some but I think the documentation makes the case for using a pet form of a woman’s name as a by-name.


    2. Re: Comments
      Anna, the difference is a matronymic is a by-name that is based on the name of the mother, this was done fairly infrequently, but done often enough, in any case and you have the evidence of it.
      And the descriptive by-name . . . I didn’t seen any evidence in the Low Country or German articles that descriptive by-names were formed by using the GIVEN NAME + PET FORM of GIVEN NAME.
      I have to run right now but when I get back I’ll right up the documentation as I think it would work and post it for you and your other herald friends to consider.


    3. Re: Comments
      That’s great news!
      Didn’t mean to put the idea down, I just didn’t see this from the documentation (Admittedly, I tried to figure this out while thinking a rather pesky bug I was trying to ferret out from a very messy code, mundania :p) and as I had never before heard of this naming practise, I was blind to it (I’m not a names man, sorry).
      So given name checks out (No doubt about that)
      The byname as such is documentable name (from Anna’s docs).
      The practise used on the byname is documentable.
      The names can be put to same language/culture area.
      This construct is by SCA-practises documentable, barring conflicts registrable and thus usable. At least it is worth a try.
      I suggest you write it out, pointing what you’re trying to do.
      Name from the German/Dutch borderlands, Unmarked matronymic as a byname.
      ((Since you asked Anna)Term matronymic is same as in patronymic except that the parent you’re pointing to is mum) and then the stuff you already had. It is generaly recommended to check the mark on what do you care for (sound, language/culture…) and an other to changes are ok, points.
      Are we going to see it in next DHT or the one after that? 😉


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