Red Hot Rapier

Back from the event, tired. Went well, around 30 people attended. yay!
We have great guys here, I could just lean back and give duties to others. It’s a good thing, if you don’t have to think about feast or meals or combat _and_ being the event stewart. Autocrat, Reservation Steward & Troll in one person works, though.
Yesterday we had our Shiremeeting with many decisions, today I’m planning the holidays next week.
I must confess, at the moment I’m really tired and looking forward to the next week – no plans, no thoughts, just sleeping and wandering in the franconian swiss (1,5 hours away from our home).
Agilmar is a great guy, I really love him for beeing always behind me. Wouldn’t know, how I would manage some things otherwise.
But well, what else has happened?
I’ve learned a bit about rapier & cloak and will try to authorise at Crown Tourney. Maybe doing a price play next year, depending on how my efforts in fencing turn out.
Gilbere has invited me to Coronation in Ireland – will see if I can get cheap flights from Nuremberg. Would love to see Dublin and the guys up there again. Arpad will cook the feast and I’m really looking forward to it!
Turmstadt is working on it’s new device. We are planning a war in Frankmark next year.
Agilmar has plans for a fencing campaign.
Maybe we (Turmstadt) will have RHR again, depending on how many fencers we (Frankmark) will have next year. Hopefully we are doing St. Matthieus again.
I have curly hair now – it doesn’t look as I wanted it, but it’s okay. Better then the plain cut.
Don’t know to write about that much more right now – realising that my english is really bad here. Well, don’t care. Untill later!

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