Yesterdays practice was quite cool. we were 4, Dante, Jeremy, Agilmar and me and we’ve only used Schlaeger blades, experimenting a bit with Sidesword, too. I had the chance to work with my Christmas present – a new Hanwei practical rapier. Oh, by the way, the authorisation during Coronation went quite well, so I’m officially allowed to take part in Schlaeger tourneys. Yay!
I feel very comfortable with the heavy blade and a dagger and would like to / have to train more on it. Got some serious “ouch”-hits, but I guess, that’s the name of the game. Good thing is, that I’m not being hit in one particular part of the body, which means, I have nearly no single weak part. Well, besides the whole body, that is. People hit me still to often.
So my plan is to have more drills. Actually I only have two chances: staying far away from the opponents reach or getting very close to him. Should work on my aggression therefore and on a set of parry actions.

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