up to Störtebeker’s Sons

there we are (uh? oh? Is that Anna writing? yes she is, she is alive!)
tomorrow going to Störtebeker to see old friends again. will be very relaxed. am looking forward to wearing my oldest dress and just hanging around and drinking wine. 🙂
besides that – yes normal life going on, german weblog has changed its name, started with american civil war reenactment. is not that good, to be honest.

4 Gedanken zu „up to Störtebeker’s Sons“

  1. Oh, yes, it’s quite big for german standards – around 200 – 300 people at one of the bigger events. And all of us have seen „Gone with the wind“ and „North & South“ 😉
    Have to write about that too. later. 😉


  2. An American Civil War re-enactment in Germany? Huh. I suppose I never expected there to be that great an interest outside this country.
    I grew up about 30 miles east of the Gettysburg Battlefield. Civil War re-enactment involvement was a strong tradition in our area. Fanatical, even.
    Relaxing with friends at least sounds like a great way to spend time. Enjoy!


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