Toss the pot

Toss the pot, toss the pot; let us be merry; And drink till our cheeks be as red as a cherry.

We take no thought, we have no care, For still we spend and never spare;
Till of all money our purse is bare, we ever toss the pot.

We drink, carouse with heart most free; A hearty draught I drink to thee;
Then fill the pot again to me, and ever toss the pot.

And when our money is all spent, Then sell our goods and spent our rent,
Or drink it up with one consent, and ever toss the pot.

When all is gone, we have no more; Then let us set it on the score,
Or chalk it up behind the door, and ever toss the pot.

And when our credit is all lost, Then we may go and kiss the post,
And eat brown bread instead of roast, and ever toss the pot.

Let us conclude as we began, And toss the pot from man to man,
And drink as much now as we can, and ever toss the pot.

four voices
and yet another four voices

all 4 voices together as MIDI
all 4 voices together as MP3

Source & further readings:
Vokalensemble Mosaik
Rowany XL Songbook
The song can be sung solo, with two, three or four voices. It sounds always good.

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