The Two Seas Anthem

Words & Music: Lady Perdita von Bremen


midi file: click (doesn’t have to be sung as march, can be interpreted freely)


We were born in the fury of a shrieking gale,
We were raised to the change of the tide.
We follow the sun on his course through the day
And the silvery moon through the night.
Like the merhorse we roam across the sea and the land
And we go wherever we please!
But we think of you only on foreign sand,
oh our lovely land of the two seas!

We northern folk are as gentle and warm
As the softest breeze of the spring.
But we’re also as wild and as fierce as the storm,
That the autumn and cold winter bring.
And in need we all stand together as one,
And our efforts never shall cease.
We fight for freedom, for honour, for all that we love,
and our lovely land of the Two Seas.

We travel the world, every sea, every land,
but we long for the place of our birth.
Should we be far from home, when our life comes to an end,
do not bury us in foreign earth.
(solo) Bring my body down to the sea once again,
Let it follow the current and breeze.
And the ocean will bring me home once again
To my lovely land of the Two Seas. (/solo)
And the ocean will bring us home once again
To our lovely land of the Two Seas.

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