on swearing fealty

Will you swear on your honour to hold their royal majesties your rightful sovereigns, right until the end of their lawful reign, and support their royal might and justice?
Do you wish to give the Crown such counsel which is to the benefit of them and their realm, and support them in upholding the laws and fulfilling their coronation oath?
And will you keep secret such matters as the Crown wants to keep in confidence, and not divulge such secrets that could harm their Realm?

That’s it. That’s the oath peers of realm are invited to swear.

Here’s my point. Regardless if I like a person or not, this is a game. And in this game we play roles. Some people „are“ Monarchs for a few month’s time. And have the opportunity and responsibility not to harm anyone during their reign, even better, to let the kingdom flourish.

I’ve accepted the invitation to join the Order of the Pelican. That’s (one of) my role(s) at the moment. The monarchs can expect me to advise them, the populace can expect me to do good for the Kingdom and the Society.

So, am I swearing fealty? Absolutely. I’ve accepted the new role. So I will accept the expectations and duties that come with it.

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