About Anna

Anna Syveken
(pronounciation close to „Zee-ve-ken“)

inofficial/not in use roman version: Aelia Severina

bearing arms of:
per chevron inverted argent and vert, in chief a lion rampant queue fourchy gules

per chevron ployé azure and sable, a comet bendwise sinister per bend sinister Or and argent

a fishhook fesswise reversed and inverted gules


2021-10 Order of the Pelican
2015-07 Court Barony and Grant of Arms
2015-07 Dragon’s Tear (for KWDS)
2012-12 protegé to Master Aethstan of Wortham (OP)
2010-04 Orden des Lindquistringes
2004-07 Award of Arms


  • music/songs
  • interesting and fun garb
  • „raggedy baroness“ = „travel light“ personas
  • how to run things smoothly
  • time with friends
  • new areas of research


  • making things happen
  • encouraging people
  • curiosity & openness


  • find joy in SCA with all its facets
  • make it easier for others (and myself)
  • get to know new aspects of medieval life


  • Seneshal (Turmstadt)
  • Exchequer (Turmstadt & Central Region*)
  • Webmaster (Turmstadt)
  • Chatelain (Two Seas)
  • Herald (Two Seas)
  • Posthorn deputy (Kingdom)
  • List Mistress
  • Marshal-in-training

*invention of the simplified two-page report for german groups

Event Organisation:

20222022-04 Arts in April VEvent Steward
20212021-09 Some TingReservation Steward
2020the lost year
20192019-04 Arts in April IVEvent Steward
20182018-10 Autumn Crown TournamentEvent Steward
20162016-07 Summer CoronationEvent Steward
2016-04 Arts in April IIIEvent Steward
20152015-07 Summer BashEvent Steward
2015-04 Known World Dance Symposium Tavern Keep
20142014-04 Arts in April IIEvent Steward
20132013-12 A later period who knewFeast Cook
2013-06 DW 20 Years (help)Tavern Keep
2013-04 Arts in April IEvent Steward
20122012-01 12th Night CoronationReservation Steward
20112011-04 Petrarca VIII – „Von Mäusen und Menschen“Organiser
2011-04 Spring Crown TournamentEvent Steward
20102010-08 Petrarca VII – the good, the bad and the nakedOrganiser
20092009-08 Petrarca VI – Kräuter-KreuzzugOrganiser
2009-01 Petrarca V – vita somnium breveOrganiser
20082008-08 Petrarca IV – Rettet Eure Seelen!Organiser
2008-08 Rothenburg Riddle RampageEvent Steward
2008-06 Petrarca III – Das Runde muß ins EckigeOrganiser
2008-04 Spring Crown TournamentReservation Steward
20072007-10 Petrarca II – Wein, Weib und GesangOrganiser
2007-09 Petrarca I – Über Stock und SteinOrganiser
2005Two Seas Newbie Academy (~ 2005)Event Steward
20042004-06 Summer CoronationReservation Steward
2002Two Seas Galore (~ 2002)Gate Keeper

Classes, pamphlets, projects etc.:


  • Rapier (single, dagger, buckler, cloak)
  • Marshal-in-Training (fencing)

Guilds etc.:

  • Academy of Defence
  • Theatre Guild
  • Bardic Guild
  • Embroidery Guild
  • Royal Bard to John & Honor


late roman persona:


*worked for the Laurel Vigil Cloth of Drachenwald and the Knights‘ Crossing investiture cloaks