phrase book of a court herald

(work in progress, thanks to all contributors so far, my apologies for any mistakes, please let me know your suggestions for improvement/correction in the comments)

1. Procession


  • All rise, All rise …
  • Make Way, make way …
  • Oyez, Oyez, my Lords, Ladies and Good Gentles
  • for
  • (pray) and give reverence to
  • gather and pay heed for
  • pray gather, heed and attend


  • Their (Royal) Majesties ____ and ____
  • Their Royal Highnesses ____ and ____
  • Their (Celestial) Highnesses ____ and ____
  • Their Excellencies ____ and ____
  • His / Her Excellency ____


  • King (and/) Queen
  • Crown Prince (and/) Crown Princess
  • Prince (and/) Princess
  • Baron (and/) Baroness


  • of Drachenwald
  • of Insulae Draconis
  • by Right of Arms
    • Prince and Princess of our fair lands of Insulae Draconis
    • Baron and Baroness of ……

Addendum II (optional)

  • Marquis and Marchioness of the Lands of Endor’s Keep in the Far Isles
  • sworn vassals of Their Majesties Drachenwald
  • whose good left arm has granted him his Principality
  • whose beauty and grace led to victory

2. Opening

Official Opening

  • Hereby opens the court of (title/rank addendum)
  • Here commences the court of (title/rank addendum)


  • Title/Rank bid the populace / you
    • to be seated
    • to take your ease.
  • You have / The populace has the leave to
    • be seated.
    • take your / their ease.
    • (draw nigh and) make yourselves comfortable

3. Calling someone into Court

  • Title (Rank/Addendum) (now) call(s) before them / into Their presence ______
  • It is Title’s wish to see ____ in their court
  • ….. and therefore call Title (Rank/Addendum) before them ____

4. Official Closing

  • There being no further business (of the Court)
  • The Court is closed

5. Departure

  • All rise! All rise!
  • (optional) For Title/Rank/Addendum/Addendum II
  • Long live
    • Their Majesties!
      • alternative:
      • The King!
      • The Queen
    • Their Royal Highnesses!
    • The Heirs!
    • Their Highnesses!
    • Drachenwald!
    • maybe followed by:
    • Insulae Draconis!
    • Knights Crossing!
    • etc. (in order)


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