help, I Just can’t decide about the name …

Anna Tannekyn

I can take it in real SCA-life as two first names, it will be easier to sign with Anna (Tannekyn) Silvenhain
I like the sound
it fits to my northern german roots

hard to document 

Anna Silberin/Anna Severin

sounds like a very good german name
easy to remember

Silberin sounds silly to me
Severin is hard to document, although I’d like it the most if it won’t be Silvenhain (or Tannekyn) at all

Anna von Staufenberg/von Streitberg/von Schönhaid

all should be easy to document
all are good german names
all contain the initials AvS, which I use very often

they are far away from the original „Silvenhain“ and all of them have their own history which isn’t necessarily mine.

Ein Gedanke zu „help, I Just can’t decide about the name …“

  1. Severin was a very popular saint in the Scandinavian countries – have you looked in Swedish, Norwegian, or Danish sources for the name? You might be able to document it that way.
    Personally, I really like <Anna Silberin>; I don’t think it sounds silly at all, I think it has a lovely soft sound to it.
    I’m not so fond of <Anna Tannekyn> – not sure why, I can’t really articulate it, but it just sounds a bit too nasally, at least when I say it.
    Good luck in choosing!


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