Sticker mit eigenem Wappen

Was für eine schöne Idee Anna de Normandie hier zeigt – Etiketten mit dem eigenen Wappen, um eigene Gegenstände zu markieren. I like it!

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🇬🇧 I love my coat of arms and I use a lot in the daily (non historic) life as well! 😃I've ordered small stickers with both the coat of arms me and of my fiance – sometimes we use them as they are, sometimes we cut the apart! 😁👍 This is my mobile charger, everyone at work knows it's mine! 😊 More about my coat of arms: #annadenormandie_monblason . 🇫🇷 Je utilise mon blason beaucoup, même dans la vie quotidienne! 😃Voici le chargeur de mon portable, tout le monde au travaille sait que c'est le mien! 😊 #blason #heraldique #coatofarms #heraldry #vapensköld #scaheraldry #useyourheraldry #regrammysca #mobilladdare #chargeurportable #mobilecharger #societyforcreativeanachronism #mysca #drachenwald #nordmark #attemark #anna_la_suedoise #annalasuedoise #annadenormandie_sca

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